The powerful weight loss formulas of VitaHerbs are 100% natural and offer you the support that you can use when slimming. A good balance between FAT and muscle allows for better control of the weight.
In a healthy way products that lead to weight loss, effective fat burning, cleansing the body and stimulate the metabolism.

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VitaHerbs Ultra Detox Plus 60 capsules

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VitaHerbs Ultra Detox Plus colon cleanse is specifically developed for a deeper cleaning of the body.

The characteristics of Detox Plus colon cleanse at a glance:

• For a complete body cleansing
• Promotes a healthy bowel function / digestion
• Absorbs toxins
• Giving a feeling of fullness
• Frequent bowel movements
• Stimulates the metabolism
• Natural ingredients
• For women and men of all ages

Detox Plus combines various substances that regulate intestinal transit, and is a 100% natural product.


VitaHerbs LipoThin 180 slimming tablets

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3 months of treatment

VitaHerbs LipoThin is a powerful dietary supplement for control of appetite and body weight. It enhances and stimulates the burning of fat.
For the treatment and prevention of obesity and General weight control.

The benefits of LipoThin at a glance:

• Inhibits the appetite, more energy
• stimulates the burning of fat
• reduces fat storage
• relief from constipation
• Stimulates the burning of carbohydrates
• increases the metabolic rate
• burn calories
• reduces body weight
• natural ingredients
• for women and men of all ages